Year 9 Subject List


Year 9 Semester 1 & 2 subjects
Core Units – compulsory subjects undertaken for the full year
Religious Education English
Health and Physical Education Mathematics
History: The Making of the Modern World (1 semester only)
Year 9 Electives
The Arts (choose one unit only)
Drama Visual Arts: Studio Arts – 2D
Music: Performance Visual Arts: Studio Arts – 3D
Music: Rock Band Visual Communication Design
Technologies (choose one unit only)
Digital: Be a Web Designer Food Technology: Food Safari
Design: Garment Constructions  
Geography/Economics (choose one unit only)
Geography: We’re in the World Economics: Money Makes the World Go Round
Languages (choose two units from the same language)
French 1 French 2
Indonesian 1 Indonesian 2
Italian 1 Italian 2
Science (choose two units from the same stream)
Astro Stream  1 Astro Stream  2
Consumer Stream  1 Consumer Stream  2
Enviro Stream  1 Enviro Stream  2
Upon invitation for one semester:
Learning Enhancement  


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