Year 10 Subject List

Year 10 Subject Descriptions

At Year 10 you must undertake:

  • Religious Education Semester 1 and 2
  • English Semester 1 and 2
  • Health and Physical Education Semester 1 and 2
  • Mathematics Semester 1 and 2
  • Two units of Science
  • One unit of History
  • Three units of electives (can include additional Science and History electives)

Guidelines for undertaking VCE Units at Year 10:

  • Students must receive approval to undertake VCE units. See the Year 9 Year Level Coordinator to find out more
  • A maximum of three VCE Units across two subject areas is permitted in Year 10
  • A single unit may be undertaken in a subject area

If you need help with subject combinations that would suit your interests or the pathways you are considering, have a look at the sample programs. They are a guide only, many other combinations can be chosen.

Year 10 Semester 1 and 2 Subjects
Core Units – Compulsory Subjects
English Health & Physical Education
Religious Education
Religious Education  
Maths (choose either Mathematics or Mathematics A for both semesters)
Mathematics (Semester 1)
Mathematics (Semester 2)
Mathematics A (Semester 1)
Mathematics A (Semester 2)
Science (choose two units – consult science pathways diagram for best combinations)
Year 10 Science overview
AgHort Chemistry (not to be taken with Environmental Science)
Environmental Science  (not to be taken with Chemistry) Genetics and Evolution (not to be taken with Forensic Science or Biology Unit 2)
Forensic Science (not to be taken with Physics or Genetics and Evolution) Physics (not to be taken with Forensic Science Unit 2 or Physics Unit 1)
Science VCE Units available at Year 10  
Physics Unit 1 Biology Unit 1 and 2
Agriculture and Horticultural Studies Unit 1
VCE Psychology Unit 1 can be taken by Yr 10 students as an elective but it cannot be counted as one of the 2 compulsory Science units.  See the VCE section of the curriculum guide for more information on Psychology.


History (choose one subject only)
The Modern World and Australia  Our Australia (invitation only)
History VCE Units available at Year 10  
Twentieth Century History Unit 1 Australian & Global Politics Unit 1
Classical Studies Unit 1  
Year 10 Electives (choose three electives)(choosing a VCE Unit 1 & 2 combination counts as two electives)
The Arts  
Drama 1 (Semester 1 only) Studio Arts
Drama 2 (Semester 2 only) Studio Arts – Photography
Music: Performance Visual Communication & Design
Music: Song Writing and Sound Design  
Arts VCE Units available at year 10  
Drama Units 1 & 2 Visual Communication Design Units 1 & 2
 Studio Arts Units 1 & 2 (Painting & Drawing)  
Digital Technology – Big ideas in Computer Technology  Food Technology – The Menu
Design and Technology (Textiles)  
Technology VCE Units available at year 10  
Food Studies Units 1 and 2  
Economics – World of Commerce  Geography – Where to From Here?
Humanities VCE Units available at Year 10  
Geography Unit 2  
Health & PE VCE Units available at Year 10  
Health and Human Development Unit 1 & 2 Physical Education Unit 1 & 2
French Indonesian
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