Year 10 Digital Technologies: Big Ideas in Computer Technology

3D Graphics

  • How are 3D effects achieved?
  • Considerations like illumination and camera angle are explored

Generative Art

How would you like to teach a computer to draw? In this subject, you will be shown how to use computer programming to achieve this.

State of the art technologies

Students conduct a research project and present their findings on a current technology. Topics may include:

  • Robotics and their uses in industry
  • Artificial Intelligence in computer games
  • Self-driving cars
  • Computer games in education
  • Robots as they appear in science fiction literature

 3D Printing

Students have the opportunity to design and print a physical object in plastic!

Cryptography (sending messages only your friends can read)

Students are taught the principles of Cryptography. They create codes and decode messages encrypted using standard methods.

 Individual Project

Students are given the opportunity to develop an interest by building a product in negotiation with the teacher. In previous years, students implemented a login screen to an “image liking” page, simple computer games and animated 3D models.

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