Year 10 Studio Arts – photography

During this course you will be introduced to the history of photography and learn the basic principles of traditional darkroom processes.  You will also study contemporary photographers and will be shown the correct procedures to use digital media, including digital single lens reflex cameras. Computer software, Adobe PhotoShop will be used to edit, enhance or manipulate photographic images.  Studio Arts is a subject that provide you with an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies and explore different viewpoints.


Student using a canon digital single lens reflex camera on city photo-shoot
Students will:
  • be introduced to fine art photography
  • learn the skills of producing black and white photographs using darkroom techniques
  • develop skills of producing photographic images using digital processes
Students complete:
  • Prepare a folio of final artistic photographs
  • Maintain a folio that records and documents photographic media and processes
  • Research historical and contemporary photographers and photographic styles
  • Examination
Georgia Dunne Melb.Then&Now
 Melbourne Then & Now 2016 By Georgia Dunne –





Tyana Arhondis Year 10
Photograph By Tyana Arhondis  2016

A student’s perspective:

Year 10 Studio Arts Photography this year was by far one of the most enjoyable subjects. We focussed on many areas such as photograms, working in the darkroom, processing negatives, photoshop and digital photography. One of the most enjoyable areas we worked on was working in the darkroom and developing our own prints.  The course does involve theory work but this allows you to get a better understanding into the art of photography and helps you with your own work too. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone. 

Career Pathways

This course is useful for careers in fields such as Photographer, Graphic Design, Multi-Media Design, Advertising/Marketing, Gallery Curator, Exhibition Designer, Art Conservator, Arts Administration and a Fine Arts practitioner.

See the below link for further information for career and future training options.

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Gallery of Student Artworks

Darkroom Print – By Teaghan Santamaria
Year 10 Analogue Photography
Black & White Film 400 ISO – By Jessica Casley
Ashley Blyth Now and Then
Photograph By Ashley Blyth  – Avila College Archived Negatives were printed and new images re-enacted.
Now and Then
Avila College Archived Negatives Printed in the darkroom and digital images re-enacted in the studio.
Photograms designed and made using a darkroom process.
Self Portrait made using Photo booth and Adobe Photoshop

A Student’s Perspective

In Studio Arts Photography students explore the techniques of analogue and digital photography. We were able to experiment with traditional enlargers and Pentax K 1000 analogue cameras as well as modern equipment such as Cannon cameras and tools such as photoshop. You will also learn how to analyse photographers both past and present and their photos which gave us all a wonderful insight into the world of photography. I particularly enjoyed the digital term’s work as my photoshop skills were enhanced immensely and even to this day I am still surprised at what I was able to produce. The analogue techniques were interesting as you mimic the way photographs were produced using film and photo paper. Not only was it impressive to see your own work, but it was also valuable observing the other classmates’ work, and brainstorming together ideas you could never think of yourself. Studio Arts Photography was highly rewarding as I explored myself and my ideas in a new light.

Aliarne Mann

This Artwork by Aliarne Mann was used as Stage Design at the Creative Arts Festival 2017.

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