VCE Algorithmics (HESS)

VCE Algorithmics (Higher Education Scored Study) – Units 3, 4

Algorithms are methods for solving problems. They are having an increasing impact on our daily lives. They:

  • Determine which pages we see first when we do a Google search;
  • Match kidney donors to transplant patients
  • Secure our credit card details when we do online banking
  • Navigate us on our drive to a new place

The list goes on. Algorithmics is a course in Computer Science where you can learn how algorithms work and how they are used to solve problems in the real world.

This video will explain to you what an algorithm is:

You may want to read: 10 Algorithms that dominate our world

Features of the course:

  • Video and other material will be made available by professors at Melbourne and Monash universities
  • A teacher at Avila will support the students in working through the material

University Credit:

  • There will be university credit given to the successful students, at least in the courses: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Biomedicine (Melbourne University) and Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology (Monash University)
  • Upon application, students may receive credit towards different courses. In 2016, some students received credit at Monash University for engineering and science courses.

Who should take the course:

  • A student in Year 11 or Year 12 with:
    • Units 1 and 2 Maths Methods (can be undertaken at the same time)
    • An interest in “how things work”
    • A readiness to work hard and to be “stuck” at times
    • An inclination toward science or engineering

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Future pathways:

This subject will give you a substantial base for the following kinds of university courses:

  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Genetics research
  • Bioinformatics
  • Mathematics / Statistics


  • Each of the two units will have a SAT (15%), SAC (5%)
  • One examination covering both units and worth 60%
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