Year 9 Economics

Money Makes The World Go Round

Money Makes The World Go Round is a semester length unit essentially on money…Or is it?

Students are introduced to the concept of an ‘economy’ and explore economics on three levels.

Firstly, what does economics mean to me? What is a budget, credit, investments and shares? Students look at ways to manage personal finance and how to avoid ‘credit-stress’ – we have a good look at where Rebecca Bloomwood went wrong in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’! We explore the share market and investments and participate in the ASX Share market game.

Secondly, we look at what is involved in the Australian economy. How does the government spend its money and where do they get it from? Students look at the role of business in our Australian economy and also the responsibilities of social welfare.

Finally, we explore what it means for Australia to be part of the Asia region and global economy. We consider the interdependence and responsibilities of participants in the global economy, including the implications of decisions made by individuals, businesses and governments. We consider how we see our nation as part of the global world and how globalisation impacts our decision making. The impact of our decisions on workers in other nations is also investigated. We might even ask…What does chocolate have to do with it?




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Money Makes The World Go Round assists in providing a sound economic basis to help you prepare for VCE Accounting, Business Management and Legal Studies or World of Commerce in Year 10.

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