Year 9 Geography


Year 9 Geography – We’re in the World

Topic 1 – Biomes and food security potato-farm-300x199


In this unit students investigate the distribution and characteristics of different types of environments around the world and make connections between food production, land and water degradation, climate change and population.  They consider sustainable and indigenous resource management strategies for food

Topic 2 – Geographies of Interconnection

This unit begins with some reflection on our sense of place and the ways in which we are connected to place.  Students investigate ways in which places and people are interconnected and consider the impacts of consumption and production on different places throughout the world.

Fieldwork:  An investigation of the ways that places and people are interconnected with other places through trade in goods may be undertaken during a day trip to the Port of Melbourne and the Melbourne Emporium.

Assessment:  Photo Essay and Investigation Task


The new Geography curriculum enables students to make connections between many subjects and prepares them to participate in the world of the 21st century.

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