Year 9 French

Le Français

The Languages programs are designed as full year courses. Students are expected to continue their language study until the end of Year 9. Students use a range of resources and styles to consolidate and develop their skills, including the study of a text and a self-guided walking tour of Melbourne.

Students are encouraged to use the language by communicating in speech and writing to:
•    participate in simulated and, where possible, real situations related to the practical aspects of everyday life
•    interact with others in socially and culturally appropriate ways
•    seek out and understand factual information conveyed orally, visually or in writing
•    interpret, evaluate and use information for a specified purpose and audience
•    develop communication strategies using multimedia resources
•    expand knowledge and skills in the language
•    manage their own language learning
•    entertain themselves and others.

Work requirements are set in each topic, assessing the four strands of language learning—listening; speaking; reading; and writing.

Topics include:

•    Self, Family, School, Friends

•    Clothes and Fashion
•    Housing / Home Life / Town Life
•    Holidays, Transport and Travel
•    Shopping
•    Food and Beverages

Les Miserable – State Library Exhibition


Language Perfect World Championships

Students use a program called called Language Perfect. Annually they take part in the World Championships that is a world wide language vocabulary competition.

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