Year 9 Italian


The Languages programs are designed as FULL YEAR courses.  Students are expected to continue their language study until the end of Year 9.  Students participate in the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition at the University of Melbourne and visit the Italian precinct in Lygon Street, Carlton.

Students are encouraged to use the language by communicating in speech and writing to:
•    participate in simulated and, where possible, real situations related to the practical aspects of everyday life
•    interact with others in socially and culturally appropriate ways
•    seek out and understand factual information conveyed orally, visually or in writing
•    interpret, evaluate and use information for a specified purpose and audience
•    develop communication strategies
•    expand knowledge and skills in the language
•    manage their own language learning
•    entertain themselves and others.

Work requirements are set in each topic, assessing the four strands of language learning—listening; speaking; reading; and writing.

Topics Include:

•    Self and Family
•    The House
•    Festivals and Celebrations
•    Travel and Transport
•    The Weather
•    Clothing and Fashion

Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition – Recitation 

This is the longest running poetry competition in Melbourne for over 150 years. Our students participate in this competition annually.
Inferno di Dante Alighieri


Press on this link to here the recording of our Year 9 student reciting – Rio Bo di Aldo Palazzeschi 

Language Perfect World Championships

Students use a program called Language Perfect. Annually they take part in the World Championships that is a world wide language vocabulary competition.

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