Year 9 Drama


Year 9 Drama is offered as an Arts elective with a contact time of five 80-minute periods per fortnight.

Students study the origins, characters and plots of the Commedia dell’Arte, an Italian form of comedy popular from the mid-1500s to the mid-1700s. This task involves student interpretation of a scripted play. In undertaking this process, students organise a small theatrical production and become involved in acting, costume design, props, directing and multimedia.

Students also explore soap operas. Using daytime television soapies as inspiration, students script, direct and rehearse their own soap opera plays employing recognised techniques of the genre.

Send-up (satire) is examined in a separate task, as students prepare to imitate and mock a famous celebrity of their choice. A brief student script serves as the basis for a fun, two-minute solo performance in class.

Skills acquired in this course include comic timing, physical comedy techniques and character work.

Successful completion of this course suitably prepares students with the necessary skills for Year 10 Drama 1 courses or VCE Unit 1 and Unit 2 Drama (subject to Avila College’s acceleration requirements).

 A student’s perspective:

Drama is a perfect subject to study if you have a lot of confidence or if you want to improve your acting and performing skills. By playing drama games, performing solo and in groups and writing your own scripts, you learn so much and you don’t even notice because you’re having so much fun! Not only do you learn how to perform and what makes a good performance, but you learn about the history of theatre and the different styles of it. Drama class really does help your acting and even writing skills.

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