Science Pathways at Year 10

Year 10 Science Pathways

Colour Coding

Each branch of Science has been colour coded in the following diagrams as well as in the diagrams on the Year 10 Science and VCE Science pages.


“Safest” Year 10 Science Combinations

Choosing one of these combinations of Year 10 subjects will prepare you to study ANY VCE Unit 1 & 2 Science as well as VCE Unit 3 & 4 Environmental Science in Year 11.  These are considered “safe” combinations because they do not limit entry into VCE courses in the future.


Alternative Year 10 Science Combinations

Other combinations of Year 10 subjects are possible as outlined below. Notice that these combinations limit you from one or more VCE Science subjects (Chemistry, Biology or Physics); however, for students who have no interest in pursuing these subjects this is unlikely to be an issue.  The advantage to choosing one of these combinations is that you can specialise in particular areas of Science that interest you the most.


Specific entry requirements into VCE Science subjects can be found by studying the pathways diagrams provided on the main Year 10 Science page.


Combinations that are Not Allowed

Some subjects cannot be taken in the same year as one another because they contain too much of the same content.  Please pay close attention to these restrictions when finalising what Science units you will study during Year 10.


VCE Science Acceleration

A Year 10 Science can be substituted for a VCE Unit 1 or 2 Science for students accelerating at Year 10 or an additional Science unit can be taken as an elective.  The pathways diagrams for entry into each of the VCE Sciences are shown on the main Year 10 Science page and should be studied along with the pages for VCE Agriculture and Horticulture, VCE Biology, VCE Psychology, VCE Physics and VCE Environmental Science when making decisions regarding acceleration.  The table below summarises the acceleration pathways available in Science.

*Note: Students may choose to do a Unit 1or 2 in Year 10 but still complete the other Unit (1or 2) in Year 11 and Unit 3 &4 in Year 12


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