Year 10 Drama

All the World’s a Stage (Semester 1 Only)


A Shakespearean monologue is performed for assessment in this course, which also offers students the opportunity to perform naturalistic and non-naturalistic works in individual and group situations.  Activities include a Shakespearean monologue performance and a theme-based ensemble performance using the techniques of theatre practitioner Bertolt Brecht. Students will be involved in Avila’s Creative Arts Festival via scriptwriting and directing opportunities.  All students in this course will see a professional theatre performance and analyse it for assessment.

 Opposite Prompt (Semester 2 Only)

IMG_4033The Opposite Prompt drama course examines performance development and involves sophisticated character work. Students write their own scripts, design and implement stagecraft, and undertake directing activities for the production of a play in the Year 10 Drama Festival.


IMG_4066This course caters for individual students’ needs through the presentation of an individual or group performance task. Students visit a professional theatre visit for analysis.  Skills gained in this course include acting and stagecraft techniques and increased self-confidence. Students reflect on how their ideas developed while creating, making and presenting of their own works.

All students in this course see a professional theatre performance and analyse it for assessment.

A student’s perspective:

My primary school did not offer Drama as a subject and so at first I was apprehensive attending my first Drama class in year 7. But the first class was all it took for me to grow a passion for the subject and dedication to drama studies. Throughout my time at Avila my classes have been a relaxed and light hearted environment that also provides structure by teaching me and the other students the importance of meeting deadlines, collaboration and self directed learning. Looking back at the skills I have taken away from the classroom, I can now see that my acting skills are not the only improvement. My public speaking, confidence, out-of-the-box thinking, time management and enthusiasm have all benefited from my time in Drama. Most importantly I have learnt that what I put in, is what I will get out. If I want to perform well and complete all my work then I must put in the time and effort. Drama has helped me clearly see the importance of this and the outcome of my hard work. The Drama teachers at Avila have really provided a support network that nurtures my progress in Drama. In our classes we exercise deep levels of thinking and continue to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to explore drama and our society further. I would recommend this drama as a course to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort and see the results from their hard work. To someone who is not afraid of trying new things and taking on different perspectives in their work. Drama improves so many life skills and is a course that everyone should consider.  Year 10 Student

VCE Drama:

VCE Units 1 and 2 Theatre Studies are also offered to Year 10 students as acceleration options, subject to acceleration requirements.

Career Pathways:

Visit this link to see further career options that relate to Drama.


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